1st Birthday Party Ideas For Girls

I have created this 1st birthday party list for you I will show you step-by-step on how to organize everything before the party for less stress on the event day and actually enjoying the party. Let’s not get overwhelmed if this is your first time It’s easier than you think, here is the list I will go over in detail.


Planning 101

•Decide where the 1st birthday Party is taking place 

•Pick a date and send invitations

•Buy party supplies like balloons, utensils etc

•Arrange pickup or delivery date & time for cake, desserts, drinks, tables, chairs & bouncer

• plan activities for the kids/entertainment

• plan a meal for guests and kids

• prepare goodie bags

1st Birthday Venue

This is the first step I always consider because it helps me organize my ideas on my head of where and how I want to display everything I buy. I also want my guests to feel welcome and us being comfortable enough to enjoy that day with family, so I always end up choosing our backyard since my daughters birthday is on September (Fall season) we like to enjoy nice weather after those hot summer days. 

1st Birthday Invitations

Once you’ve selected your date send invitations to family and friends ahead of time usually I like sending them within 14 days because if you send them a month in advance there’s a chance they will forget or plan something else on that date. I always like sending a picture invitation instead of just the date,time and address this way they will keep it as a memory for her 1st birthday picture.

First Birthday Party Supplies

Ordering online all your supplies will make it less stressful especially if you have a one year old that you have to take with you everywhere you go I remember those days carrying a diaper bag, getting her in and out of the car seat, having a huge heavy stroller because that’s the “prettiest” you found after months of research oh boy the list goes on, such a hassle to go more than one store so this is such a convenient method getting everything in days right in front of your door. A party is not a party without balloons so put that number one on your checklist! Next, plates, cups, forks, spoons and napkins. If you wanna go extra get a happy birthday banner or happy birthday foil balloons I personally love those!

Birthday Party Cake, Desserts & Drinks


This one always has me running around so plan ahead to avoid last minute “oh oh”

If you’re doing a homemade cake and desserts I will start preparing everything two days in advance just to make sure if something else comes up. If you’re buying cake and desserts order for pickup the day before or if its delivery schedule first thing in the morning. Have someone help you pick up the drinks to save time and focus on other things like renting tables and chairs according to how many guest you invited. This one’s optional but if you have space in your backyard or wherever your venue is going to be I totally recommend renting a bouncer it’s always a hit when I get it and kids love it 100%! 

First Birthday Activities

Choosing activities for year 1 year old to enjoy with other kids can be challenging because they’re so little and maybe some are barely  learning to walk and we don’t really know what they like. I will suggest some coloring pages crayons, colored pencils and maybe some water color paint (crayola non-toxic) to acomódate all kids & ofcourse with some adult supervision for the youngest ones. Buying some toys like balls Bubbles, play-doh to keep the older ones busy & plus if your able to rent a bouncer, for sure they will have a blast (remember to follow the rules for this equipment and never leave children’s unattended, adult supervision is advised)


This one totally depends if you’re an expert chef or not! I have to confess I haven’t dared to cook for a group of people I’m used to cooking for my family of three and let me tell you I’m not that bad but still working on it so for this one I always ask for help aka “please do it for me,” if your party is in your house then I do recommend having a full meal if you like but if you’re doing it away from home than finger foods will be a great idea to avoid the headache. Have snacks and chop some fruits for the kids and maybe some ice cream if you’re feeling generous. 

Birthday Goodie Bags

Goody bags for me is like a thank you for coming “present” for the kids. Every year I make sure I take the time to make each a special little something they can take home. The traditional way is just  adding candy but I like adding a little extra like cookies, chips, juice, pencils, notebooks,chopsticks for the girls, bubbles etc…

 I also consider what the child likes so i go based on that so they can leave with a smile on there face. 

Here Are Some Ideas For Your Little Princess 1st Birthday Party

First birthday Headband

First Birthday Tutu Dress

Happy Birthday Letter Balloons

Birthday Cake Topper

Pink Tableware

Favor Bags

Play-doh party bag (15 pcs)

I hope you found this helpful let me know in the comment section below if this steps made it easier organizing your event?

Stay tuned for more DIY Birthday Ideas! 

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