2nd Birthday Party Ideas For Girls

I made this list for easy access to any new moms that have trouble organizing their child’s birthday party. Following this list will make it easier to plan without spending to much money, here are my tips and tricks for a successful birthday party! 


Birthday Party Planning 

Planning ahead It’s a must if you don’t have the time, ask friends and family members to help you organize most of the time they’ll be happy to help. Decide where to make your party that suits your budget if you live in a house I recommend having it there to avoid the venue‘s cost. Have family members help you prepare your house like cleaning the backyard and organizing your kitchen and living room a few days before the party to avoid you being overwhelmed and stress. Make a list of guests you want to invite, making a family and close friends only makes it more enjoyable and less messy in my opinion. 

Birthday Supplies Ideas 

Now is the time to plan what birthday supplies you will need. Take an hour or two to sit down and brainstorm. I always check on my kitchen counters if I have any supplies left from last year‘s party if I do I will use any plates, cups, napkins or utensils and give them to the kids and I buy new ones according to this year’s color scheme for pictures. I like to mix and match different color balloons, happy birthday banner and having a backdrop is a great way to add a pop of color/design to your birthday decor.  

2nd Birthday Cake 


Making a homemade birthday cake feels so much more special If you’ve never done one I totally recommend doing one. There is plenty of easy recipes for beginners online you can easily search for them, One of the ways to make a simple Cake look more presentable is by adding a lot of cake toppers, macaroons candy, and sprinkles get creative for this one! This is just one of my favorite things I like to add on my cakes because I’m a beginner baker… I always end up loving how it turns out & plus it’s super easy so that’s a win-win. Let me tell you I’ve tried baking cookies and it’s not as hard as it seems, the only tricky thing is the decorating part It does take some practice to achieve does pretty cookies we see on Pinterest! But for now just by using different shapes of cookie cutters and adding color icing on top with some sprinkles you will be all set & your Lil princess will love those cookies for sure, remember we’re doing all this on a budget so no need to go extra-specially if your a beginner baker like myself feel proud for your effort. 

2nd Birthday Activities 


Having activities it’s a great way to keep kids entertained and more time for the adults to enjoy the party. I recommend having more than one activity just in case they get board than you can easily direct them to the next activity, it can be challenging having activities to accommodate every age ( I will talk about games in another post, since we’re focusing on 2 years olds & it will be difficult for them to follow game rules) so we’re keeping it nice and simple. I will suggest having a section for painting include; blank cardstock, drawings, crayons, kids paint non- toxic and paintbrushes for toddlers from my experience that’s what they seem to enjoy the most even big kids do like art so make sure to have extras. We know how kids are crazy about slime! So it’s impossible to not consider having slime at your party if you don’t want a huge mess buy premade slime for every kid to “slime around” and can also take it home after the party trust me you will be the “coolest adult” because of this, please keep in mind this is for the older kids that will understand not to put it in their mouth and to wash their hands after (parental supervision is advised).  

Birthday Party Food

One of my top reasons to go to a birthday party is the food I hope I’m not the only one saying this but it’s true, and not to mention how pricey can it get to feed a crowd of people! This is the part I’m going to tell you something you’ve always had in mind but never dare to say, you know when your family asks you “what do you need?” or “ how can I help you?” This is the part where you say “sure!” Hey, I’m making Chinese food and this is what I’m missing … (or whatever your making) & just have them pick whatever they want to bring or if they want to bring a side of something else make sure to let them know it completely finé because an extra side of something is always welcome right!? Just think if you ever been bothered to cook something for a family party? It sure doesn’t bother me I gladly will be there with something in my hands so we can enjoy a beautiful day together. 


Here Are Some Items I Found Useful For A Second Birthday Party.

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