3rd Birthday Party Ideas For Girls

What Do You Do For A 3rd Birthday Party? 

When I celebrated my daughter‘s third birthday party I felt she already had a better understanding of what was going on and what she likes compared to last year, so I gathered everything she was excited about and put it together at her party.

This is how I made a birthday party on a budget. She goes crazy about balloons so I used a bar cart against the wall to Hang a garland balloon a great way to upscale from basic is to add greenery or flowers in between the balloons a total game changer! I got some tumbler cups and hang a thank you card with curling ribbon for all the kids as party flavors since my daughter is obsessed with pretty zippy cups, those for sure were a hit everyone was raving about them & not to mention my daughter wanted to keep all tumblers for herself.

I bought 2 dozens pink sprinkle donuts and placed them in a cupcake acrylic stand because as you can imagine those are her favorite can’t blame her right? who doesn’t love sprinkle donuts? Everything was nicely coming together I just added flowers to the bottom and top of the bar cart and placed an “M” Wood letter & I was amazed by how it turned out! It looked completely adorable I made it to my daughters’ size so she even felt more special this was super simple and budget-friendly.

This time I wanted to focus more on gifts since she already knows what she likes which I will go in detail soon so bear with me if you’re interested. 

I hope you found this helpful and maybe gave you an idea if so, leave me a comment I would love to hear from you. 


How Long Should A 3-Year-Old Birthday Party Last?

It depends what time you start the party if you start early around noon usually 4-6 hours considering a 3 year old no longer takes naps during the day, in other words, they can stay active most of the day because they are exploring everything around them. If you start later in the afternoon it probably lasts 3-4 hours because people start to leave as soon as it gets dark it automatically feels “late” and most toddlers are in bed by 7 pm. 

What is a good time for a birthday party? The best time to start a birthday party is around 12-2 pm on Saturday this way you have more time to enjoy rather than doing it late afternoon and only lasting 2-3 hours. 

What Can I Do Instead Of A Birthday Party?

You don’t always have to make a party for a 3-year-old at this age they love exploring everything around them & are curious about everything so this makes it easy for parents to take them anywhere without spending a fortune. 

Top 10 Places To Take Your 3-Year-old: 

1 – Take them to a ranch near you they will love looking at all the animals and the sounds they make, some ranches have the option of buying a bucket of carrots to feed them. 

2 – Go to a museum a great way to explore and learn

3 – Orchard (a piece of land planted with fruit trees) a great way to learn about all kinds of fruits and how they are planted. I live in the city and I have one near me so look around for one of these they are one of our favorite places to explore ( & yes, I live in a dessert! You still have hope:) 

4 – Kids paint Party event where the art professor shows step by step how to make a certain design

5 – Carnival near you they will enjoy rides, food & activities they offer 

6 – Jumping zone for kids, a whole place full of trampolines 

7 – Kids water park, most parks have a designated area for toddlers 

8 – Arcade, where they have the chance to win tickets and get rewarded with a toy or candy

9 – Aquarium, a fun way for toddlers to learn about sea life 

10 – Indoor play spaces & playgrounds ideal for socializing skills 


How can I make my child’s birthday special? Make your home “festive” to make them feel extra special when they wake up. 

Top 10 Best Ideas To Make Your Child’s Birthday Special:

1 – Blow up balloons and place them all over the floor room or use helium to float around 

2 – Make a poster with pictures of now and then and hang it on their door 

3 – Special breakfast like pancakes in bed with a candle to blow a wish

4 – Birthday scavenger hunt, give them clues to find candies or a few dollar bills around the house or backyard.

5 – Gather everyone in bed and look through pictures of them when they were a baby and tell them little things they used to do for each photo.

6 – Create a birthday time capsule to open when they turn 16, make everyone in the family write something special for them along with a special item to open keep safe in a gift box.   

7 – Give a birthday basket decorate a basket and place little things they want like  candy, toys, colors, craft, books, etc

8 – Do a yearly birthday interview make a little book using scrapbook paper and write down questions that come up in your mind like what do you want to be when you grow up? What’s your favorite movie etc so you can have a memory for each year.

9 – Homemade cupcakes, bake cupcakes together for a fun and delicious afternoon they love to help in the kitchen. 

10 – Special birthday chair, decorate a chair with tissue paper flowers, helium balloons, pom pom garland or tissue garland to make them feel extra special while they eat or open gifts. 

3rd Birthday Girl Gift Ideas?

I feel that this age they’re interested in a lot of things, which makes it easier for parents because you have the option to introduce them to anything like I said at the begging of this post I did focus more on gifts for my girl’s third birthday party since she starts to ask for things she sees.

I first got her an art easel (double side with chalkboard and dry erase) she loves it! She spends most of the day painting since it does come with a craft rolling paper on top, the dry erase board gives me the option to teach her the ABC’S, number, and colors so she uses markers to try to imitate what I do.

On the chalkboard side, she learned how to draw her daddy she makes a huge circle (head) with two dots ( eyes) one line ( the mouth) and lines on top of the circle for the hair! She thinks is the coolest thing ever so she does it over and over. I bought her watercolors because I think is less messy than traditional paint indeed it is easier for me to clean up after.

Play-doh with shapes is a great way to open up her imagination and learning process. Mathematics match & learn games to get them interested in fun learning math. Kids kitchen playset is a great way to keep her busy while I’m cooking. Cozy throw blanket! who doesn’t love the feel of a new blankie! My daughter loves to cuddle in our living room couch to watch movies.

As a mommy blogger, I spend a lot of time using my laptop so I bought her a kids learning laptop since she always wants to use mine, she feels like a big girl having her own. 

Here are some items I recommend for your three year old daughter.

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