4th Birthday Party Ideas For Girls

4 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas on a Budget

Nothing more fun than planning a girl’s birthday party! I look forward to this every year without breaking the bank. If you’re like me I like to plan ahead of time for my daughter’s birthday party but sometimes life happens and we get caught up with our daily routine & that leaves us planning something smaller than we anticipated.

Making food for a crowd of people it’s what we spend more money on, somehow we always think we need a full fancy meal for our birthday parties let me tell you it’s not always necessary.

If we think about it for just a second they’re just kids! Will they notice the 1 million dollars we spend on food, desserts & drinks? Probably not, they’re just there to play and have fun, so considering that why won’t we adults try to do the same thing! Make less, relax & have a great time.

What I mean by make less is make yummy small finger foods that everyone enjoys like croissants with ham, cheese, lettuce & tomato I still haven’t met someone that can say “No” to that with a side of chips.

You can never go wrong with a homemade salad and dressing! Chop some fruits for a healthy dessert… This can easily be displayed very nicely just as a “fancy” setup 

All you need is quite a few stands along with greenery & flowers. If you haven’t already tried making a homemade cake there is plenty of easy recipes for beginners don’t worry if you can’t decorate like a pro, even a naked cake looks amazing just by adding a cake topper! One of my favorite looks of all times & plus is totally on a budget that’s a win-win for me! For a fun backdrop buy the big crepe paper rolls all sorts of color, use a mesh hammock and secure to a wall now just simply hang & staple long strings of crepe paper on the hammock until the whole space is covered. 

twin girls playing around on the grass

4th Birthday party Ideas in Winter

Winter months in some states can be a little challenging to throw a birthday party, entertaining a crowd indoors, in other words, your living room. Making a cozy “Winterland” may not be as hard as you think here are some ideas.

Having a section for hot cocoa with cookies for a warm welcoming & of course S’ mores! I have kids save s’ mores kit and it’s always a hit with everyone.

Making 3 or 4 teepees for kids is a fun way to keep them cozy! Go to your nearest hardware store and buy bamboo sticks or wood about 5 -6 ft tall I use four pieces of wood and tied them together with a rope (Cris cross for a teepee shape) now just wrap around a large white sheet and tie at the top to secure add flowers, greenery garland, banner etc to snap the perfect picture, now just add throw blankets & throw pillows for kids to enjoy.

You can do an indoor movie for the kids to grab a carton box fill out with popcorn, a hot dog, candy & a juice box while enjoying sitting inside the teepee. I would totally break a pinata in my living room for some extra fun just grab two ladders and a rope to hold it up as high as possible so all the kids can get a chance to hit the pinata. For desserts bake homemade cookies or cupcakes and have the kids decorate with colorful icing, sprinkles, and candy.   


Here are some common questions parents ask.

Do Parents Stay at Birthday Parties?

It is always recommended for kids to be accompanied by their parents at all times, adult supervision is important due to kids all ages attending the party it can get a little crowded someone can get injured & an underage child will not know how to respond promptly.

Is it OK to Bring a Sibling to a Birthday Party?

Generally, if someone doesn’t get invited than the answer will be no, keep in mind the host has a list of guests to accommodate food, drinks, party favors, etc so if someone shows up unexpectedly it can get a little uncomfortable or you can ask the host prior if it’s okay to bring another sibling.

Here are some items I recommend for a 4th Birthday Party:

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