5th Birthday Party Ideas For Girls

Getting ready to celebrate your princess’s 5th birthday? Half a decade huh! Feel like you’ve run out of ideas for your next birthday party? Well, don’t worry I have you covered here are some ideas that are easy & inexperience for your five-year-old daughter birthday party. 


Spa Birthday Party

If your little princess loves to dress up and is always trying to imitate everything that mommy does than she will love a spa birthday party she’ll feel like a big girl getting pampered. Start by making a safe homemade basic mask for kids using yogurt and honey! Now have an area for manicure and pedicure use safe non-toxic nail polish for kids or fun nail stickers to make them feel extra special get pink robes and spa sandals. 

Garden Birthday Party

5-year-old girls love to help out in the garden so why not make a garden birthday? Buy small flower pots and have them decorate it with paint, glitter, rhinestones, etc getting one big bag of soil and flowers, it will be a good idea to buy packs of 6 from your nearest nursery garden, now they have something to take care off every day in order for the plant to stay alive and continue to grow. 

Runway Birthday Party

Nothing fancier than feeling like a superstar make a fun fashion runway, use a red runner in your backyard place a photo backdrop stand with curtains & have the girls dress up with feather boas, sunglasses, fury coasts, kids dress up shoes etc make them feel extra special by adults taking pictures while they walk and pose. 

Tea Party 

Girls love to play tea daily, so having a group of kids playing with her will be a dream come true! Have your five-year-old daughter be the host! Let her serve tea for everyone make small finger foods like cookies, ham croissants, pretzels, rice crispy and marshmallows. Have all her guests go to her room to dress them up with hats, gloves and feather boas for an epic afternoon tea party for girls! 

Carnival Birthday Party

This is an easy backyard birthday party that includes fun games for all kids! Let’s start by doing face painting for everyone as they start arriving… have an area to display the most popular foods at a carnival-like popcorn, hot dogs, corn dogs, cotton candy, etc.

Have prices for every kid I recommend giving small items like bubbles, teddy bears, chalk box, chopsticks. Ring toss is a fun inexpensive game grab a few plastic bottles fill them with sand for stability and then get plastic rings, each player gets at least 6 rings to try and insert inside the bottles whoever has the most inserted will be the winner.

One of my all-time favorite games is the potato sack race I recommended doing this game on grass since kids will be jumping, buy a pack of 6 burlap bags for around $20 even adults can play since this bags are pretty strong the great thing about these bags is that you can use them over and over for every birthday party! Start by having at least 4 participates and place them at a starting line each racer has to jump a few feet down and turn around whoever gets back faster will be the winner.

Make an easy knockdown cane with a bean bag, all you need is 6 empty canes placed on a table like a pyramid and have the participates a few feet back throwing the bean bag to knock down as many cans as possible. Place plastic clear cups filled with water I’ll suggest at least 12 & 3-4 colorful fish squirts inside a cup and ping pong balls to make the popular fish cup game, players will receive 3 ping pong balls to try getting a ball in a cup that has a fish in the bottom the winner has to insert one or more balls to a cup that has the fish inside.  

Here are some items I recommend for an epic 5th Birthday Party:

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