Welcome to DIY Birthday Ideas

Hi, My name is Montserrat creator of DIY Birthday Ideas I’m so happy your here! I created this blog for all moms who need ideas for their kid’s birthday parties every year, I’m a girl mom who a couple of years back barely had any understanding of how to plan a birthday party and make decorations.

They only thing I knew was that I wanted to create something special for my Lil one every birthday and collect those memories on a photo book so I started looking for ideas on Pinterest since she was 1 month old.

I was amazed by how many ideas I found & they all seemed beautiful! In my early 20’s I wasn’t into any kind of DIY’S or decor so everything I saw on Pinterest was “wow” how do these people do that? It almost seemed unreal. I didn’t consider myself in any way crafty, silly me thinking this back in the days without actually trying.

Well, one day I gave it a shot and guess what? it wasn’t as hard as it seemed & I was pretty good at it and just like that, I found a new passion that I fell in love with instantly! From that moment on I started creating little stuff here and there for my new-born every month for her first year and beyond.

I had so many ideas that it was hard to choose which one to make for her birthday party so this is where my husband and I came up with the idea of making a birthday party blog. I invite you to join my blog family! This is the place for all moms who want to learn how to create. I hope you find some inspiration to try…


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