Baby Shower Ideas For Girls

Simple Baby Shower Girl 

Baby showers are super special, it doesn’t matter if it’s a first-time mom or second or third… we are always excited and blessed for the arrival of a newborn into our lives. With this being said, we always want to celebrate a new life and make that day super special to remember a lifetime. Here are some ideas for a memorable baby shower for girls! 


Baby Shower DIY Backdrop 

One of the best memories you can have during your baby shower is taking pictures with all the loved ones attending the celebrations of a new baby into our world, so making a DIY backdrop is essential! Tissue paper flowers are inexpensive to buy and are easy to make, paper flowers are another option if you want a more sophisticated look, now you need a backdrop stand like a photography stand or make your own using PVC pipes, once you have that set up hang crepe streamers from top to bottom until all backdrop is covered, now it’s time to hang the paper flowers or tissue flowers from the top! This is such an inexpensive look and it looks Gorgeous.

This is one is my favorites when I don’t have time to plan a last-minute decoration for any event I always end up using this one using your backdrop stand place sheer curtains until it’s nice and full and then hang greenery from the top from left to right! If you want to personalize it add your baby’s name in the middle, Oh baby banner, It’s a Girl or any other sign of your choice.

Here is another easy baby shower DIY grab a hula hoop from the dollar store, remove the plastic that comes all-around and spray paint white or gold once it’s dry decorated with wrapping around greenery to the bottom or sides of the hula hoop I would use floral wire to make it more secure I like to combine greenery with flowers or 5 inch balloons, once you have that set go ahead and add a welcome sign in the middle of any sign of your choice.

Baby Shower Boho Girl Decoration Idea

I’ve done a different project with wood pallets but doing a boho vibe party is my favorite! So if you’re looking into ideas for boho decoration then you need wood pallets, they are so affordable and easy to find if their second hand. If you have a wood table than I would you that as is I wouldn’t add any tablecloth maybe just a burlap runner but if you don’t have access to one than using one of the rental tables and of course you would need a white tablecloth for this one. Once you have the table set up go ahead and place wood pallets against a wall right behind your table, you can get wood pallets online for local pickup around $5 each or go to your closest store where they handle heavy merchandise they sometimes are willing to give a few for free.

Time for the fun part! Decorating so for this boho theme we need greenery garlands to hang all over the wood pallets using floral wire to secure, you can just leave it like that for a cute and simple decor or you can go overboard with more green giant leaves between the garlands and also making a half balloon garland and placing more flowers and greenery in between the balloons this will be more of a “full glam on” if you know what I mean… and don’t forget to hang a banner right in the middle or even the hula hoop as mention above remember a boho theme has lots of natural wood, greenery, and white… another idea will be using wood crates as a “table” place quite a few in different directions and this will give you the option to place your cake and desserts along with some other decorations like greenery and flowers. If you want to use a different cake stand or dessert stand than traditional ones then consider getting a wood round serving platter… I love this one they go very well with a boho style. 

Baby Shower Safari Theme Girl

Safari theme has lots of greenery like the ones I mentioned above but this we will be adding cute little animals! For a fantastic safari theme, I would recommend getting an actual backdrop safari design so it can pop out or making a balloon garland or a greenery backdrop… if you decide to buy a backdrop you can hang from the wall or use a backdrop stand and add a garland balloon on the side with lots of greenery in between the balloons.

I like the idea of using a console table instead of a traditional table and it’s just easier to decorate, even with just hanging a balloon garland above the console table with greenery it will look nicely put together. Adding gold balloons to your white garland will add the perfect pop of color for this safari decor or consider the traditional greens (different shades of green) last but not least place gold little animals like giraffes, elephants, lions, monkeys, etc all over your dessert table. 

Safari baby shower balloon garland DIY

Baby Shower Centerpieces For Girls DIY

One of my go-to’s are always mason jars! They are awesome for centerpiece just spray paint from the outside and place fresh flowers it’s that easy and the results are fantastic.

Another easy DIY is hot gluing 3 glass picture frames into a box leaving the top open… add silk flowers, marvels or anything that goes with your baby shower theme.

Tall glass vase is elegant and budget-friendly, customize them by painting them half down and adding glitter! Place greenery or flowers inside. 


Baby Shower Cakes Girl Simple 

You can never go wrong with a pink rose cake! Usually, this type of cake is affordable from your local bakery or you can do it yourself following a tutorial. Pink buttercream with sprinkles is just as sweet as it tastes! Ideal for a celebration with family honoring a little princess’s upcoming birth. A naked cake looks simple and elegant, as you know less is more! Just add cake toppers and greenery (use safe greener and no direct contact with the cake) and you have the most wanted and loved the desert in the world. 


Here are some items I recommend for a simple baby shower girl 

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