Cactus Birthday Party

Cactus Cake

I love semi-naked cakes every time I bake one I’m more than happy with the results you can never go wrong, you can simply add different cake toppers or desserts on top according to your theme and just like that you got the cutest and simple homemade cake just make sure you never put flowers directly inside the cake (not food safe) for this cactus theme cake I love the simplicity of how the white and greens look I would not add any other color besides different shades of green I feel if there’s another color added it will be overwhelming for a small layer of cake. 

cactus cake picture

Cactus Birthday Desserts:

Cactus Donuts

Having donuts at a birthday party is a must! I mean who doesn’t love donuts… and they are cheap and easy to decorate if you buy them pre-made from your favorite donut place. Dipping them into color chocolate will automatically will give them a costume look if your not an expert decorating than just use sprinkles or stripes using 2 color tones this will make it easier if you’re a beginner. 

Cactus Cupcakes

cactus cupcakes ideas

Sometimes I don’t have the time to bake cupcakes so I buy from my local grocery store fresh baked one day before my event and then I just decorate myself with color icing. To create the look of cactus spines you can use a toothpick to apply a small amount of white icing to all the edges and finish it with a flower rose at the top. 

Cactus Cookies & Cactus Macaroons

cactus birthday cookies

Theme cookies are so cute! Buying a cactus cookie cutter and making them yourself will save you a few extra dollars no need to go to fancy just filling the top with colorful icing. I have never baked macaroons because I buy them from my nearest bakery place I never do anything extra I like them just plain and simple, placing these desserts next to your cake will bring your dessert table together along with some flowers on the side.

Cactus Balloons 


Making a short balloon garland above your dessert table or if your going with a smaller version of desserts than I suggest using a bar cart or side tables, use 5inch balloons and 12 inch balloons to create a nice put together balloon garland & of course we can’t forget to add helium cactus foil balloons and attaché one tissue paper garland to the curling ribbon for an extra touch of cuteness. 

Cactus Table Setup 


Less is more! Sometimes all you need is fresh flowers as centerpieces attached with some helium balloons and place small cactus plots in the middle this can be a great idea for party favors for adults. I always like setting all the plates, cups, napkins and utensils on the table it just gives it a more welcoming vibe to the party, use a burlap runner if you want it more of a natural look or add a colorful table runner to spice things up.

Cactus Piñata

Piñatas are so fun! One of my favorite activities I always look forward to hitting the piñata at my daughter’s birthday parties each year. A tip for a more fun adventure “hunt” for the candy is adding foils, confetti, paper circles, etc this way is not as obvious as were the candy falls and it gives it a more interesting vibe for kids searching for candy all over the place. 

Cactus Backdrop

Spice it up with a colorful fringe paper garland as a backdrop. Use paper tissues of all colors and cut stripes upwards leaving a space to hang a thin string across and secure to the wall for each color if you don’t want to cut strings you can hang crepe paper vertically and that will give it the same effect.

Party Food 

Classic taco bar, display everything on glass containers for easy and mess-free. Having a tortilla warmer will be a great idea if you invited a big group of people, place all your chicken or red meat inside a slow cooker and adjust to keep warm, you can add some salsa, guacamole, and chips on the side for an epic taco bar!

Here are some items I recommend for a Cactus Theme Birthday Party:

Cactus Party Supplies


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