Christmas Birthday Party Kids Decorations Ideas

Christmas winter birthday parties are so cute! I have to confess I’m jelly bean… my family birthdays are during the summer and fall, maybe one year not to far from now I’ll dare to throw my daughter a winter land theme during the fall, we’ll see what her dad thinks! He’s probably going to say “What?” let’s just wait until December and make a regular cartoon theme lol you know guys can’t see the beauty in things as we do.

There is something about the Christmas spirit at a birthday party! Here are some ideas for an epic Christmas Theme Birthday Party. 

Christmas Birthday Party Decorations

 This is an easy gold and white birthday table decor for kids, place a gold table runner on a white table put green pines all through the table along with some small Christmas houses add cotton around to give a snowy feel.

Paper Christmas plates are a great way to add more of personalization to the table, dinner plate size and salads plate to mix and max designs. You can add the classic hot cocoa (milk with chocolate syrup) on the side I love the glass milk bottles depending on the average of kids age there is also plastic milk bottles for the younger ones.

We can’t forget about the oldie but goody candy cane to finish up this Christmas theme Birthday. 


Christmas Winter Wonderland Birthday Party Centerpieces DIY For Kids 

I have to admit white and silver is my absolute favorite color for any type of decor! So bringing this color pallets into a Christmas Winterland theme it’s mind-blowing! A nice simple centerpiece is a clear glass vase add silver ornaments, white pine cones or white sticks if you want to get a little extra add some cotton at the bottom for a snowy glass vase.

If you love snowflakes like me then you will love this DIY, using bamboo skewers hot glue snowflakes at the top and add a ribbon bow at the bottom place a few into the glass vase switch up to some clear gems at the bottom.

Place silver and white pines next to the centerpieces along with a few battery candles to add warmth to the decor let’s keep it elegant so we won’t add paper plates let’s add hard white plastic or clear plates with plastic silverware. 

Elf Christmas Party Decorations Ideas

Who doesn’t love elf movies during Christmas right? So why not make an Elf Christmas party theme! Elf has the classic Christmas colors red and green… so it will not be to hard finding things to decorate here are some ideas.

First things first Christmas tree is up so let’s combine birthday balloons and Christmas tree! For a more festive vibe, just simply blow balloons tie a piece of curling ribbon and tie to the Christmas tree do this process from head to toe.

Another idea will be more of a “garland” around the tree, tie duplets and glue another duplet and continue until you make a decent size balloon garland to wrap around your Christmas tree.

Use different shades of greens and reds for a more visual appeal. Decorating the setting table with candy cane foil balloons in the middle, along with mini Christmas tree and ornaments. Wrap your party favors in a Christmas box to give out to all kids, place cotton all over the floor for a snowy vibe and some tall plastic candy canes.


Christmas Birthday Kids Activities – Gingerbread House 

This is one of the reasons I want to have a Christmas birthday party Decorating Gingerbread Houses! Omg, I saw the setup of this gingerbread house birthday party and I absolutely fell in love I just loved everything about it! Here are some ideas.

First, decide how many kids are confirmed to attend so you don’t overspend on this famous kits.

Paper placemats will be life saver when it’s time to clean up, this can get a little messy so make sure you get one for each kid, I will also suggest getting the pre-build cookie houses to save time because while the icing hardens (keeping in mind kids don’t usually have the patience to wait to start an activity) so this step is crucial to avoid meltdowns and we all know how that goes.

Now that all gingerbread houses are placed with paper placements underneath it’s time to get all different kinds of candies for decorating, get enough icing for all kids to stick candies all over the cookie house. 


Graham Cracker Gingerbread House

If you’re looking for a more affordable gingerbread house kit to accommodate your budget here it is!

Try the Graham crackers… this one you will have to build the house on your own using the same concept icing to form the little house make sure to buy extra packages of crackers since they can be a little fragile so if pressed too hard they will break.

As I mentioned above, having them pre-built for the kids will be the best option I would not recommend the smaller kids building with graham crackers they will get frustrated easily.

Icing can be served in a clear plastic bag and just cut one of the corners at the bottom and tie at the top. 

Gingerbread Cookies 

Gingerbread Cookies are fun and easy to decorate if you have smaller kids attending your Christmas birthday party activities I recommend giving them this type of cookies.

I think it will be more satisfying for them to accomplish this fun activity without being overwhelming with an entire house for decorating and less chance for it to break and be with an upset child for the rest of the evening. 


Christmas Birthday Cakes Ideas

Home-baked cakes are the best if you’re on a budget, here are some ideas to decorate your simple looking cake.

Try adding the dripped from the top there are lots of easy tutorials for beginners that show step by step on how to create this effect, this will add more texture to your cake.

Now it’s time for the fun part decorating! Get creative with this one, add the giant candy canes popsicle, white chocolates, strawberries, and editable snowflakes.

You can also decorate a cake with small gingerbread houses on the top along with more candies, add colorful sprinkles to the bottom or top of the cake, and editable Christmas trees, cookies or candies canes. Make a fun chocolate reindeer cake just by applying a pre-made reindeer cake topper. 


Here are some items I recommend for a Christmas Birthday Party:

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