Day Of The Death

Day Of The Death ( Dia De Los Muertos) is a celebration to the living and death. Families set up “ofrendas” to honor family members they have passed, it is believed their spirit comes back on this holiday to join this celebration. Creating an “ofrenda” in honor of each family member with a photo and food they liked when they were alive.


Day Of The Death Party Decorations

Papel picado is a traditional decor in the Mexican culture it’s used every year for their events and sometimes it is left permanently as colorful decorations in the central for tourists as a welcoming/ culture vibe. This popular papel picado is made by hand every year and can be bought in the famous “tianguis” a street full of vendors selling everything from food, vegetables, clothes etc … arts & craft it is known for its beautiful hand made signatures, now that I gave you a little background on this colorful paper picado let’s get right into ideas on how to decorate for a day of the death party decoration. 


As I mention above papel picado is a huge culture representation this is hung everywhere for every celebration so it’s a must to place them in our decoration right? So this can be your backdrop decor and if you want to go extra hang from wall to wall for a colorful welcoming. Stack black wooden crates in different directions as your “table” to place your cake & desserts, place big tissue paper flowers on the floor next to the crates as a bonus decor.

Day Of The Death Cake & Sugar Skull

Make a funfetti cake! Add colorful icing flowers on top and place a traditional sugar skull in the middle here is the big question, “can you eat sugar skulls?” keep in mind not all are editable since some have different type of objects attached to make them more personal, but in other hand, the most basic sugar skulls that only come with decorative designs of icing you can or at least try a little chunk of sugar! of course making sure they are safe where you buy them from but In my opinion I feel they are used as a decorative purpose. I’ve never craved a “calavera” ( sugar skull)  I mean it’s just a huge price of sugar! I sure do love the design and tradition that comes with it, I only want to keep it forever and take pictures with it. 

calavera sugar skull mexico celebration

Dia De Los Muertos Ofrenda

What exactly is placed in a ofrenda? Here is a list of the most traditional things. Having one big table or placing different sizes behind each other and covering them with a traditional serape tablecloth or runner to start. Getting “cempasuchil” to put all over the table is the most popular flower used for Dia De Muertos its a rich orange color, paper picado is also used as decor around the tables or hung from the walls. Sugar skulls are a must of this tradition they are placed in the ofrenda with the name of your family member that’s not here with us along with a photo frame. It is believe that if you prepared special food they enjoyed while they were alive their souls can smell and that’s how they spiritually arrive home. Some of the traditional food that is placed on the ofrenda is tamales, pan dulce, mole, aroz, champurrado and Mexican candy. 


Here are some items I recommend for a Dia De Muertos celebration.

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