Donut Theme Birthday Party Ideas

You won’t resist the cuteness of this donut party theme! C’mon who doesn’t love donuts in the first place! They are so yummy and pretty, my daughter can eat a whole box of donuts by herself not to mention she only eats the top frosting with sprinkles ( aha, that explains why she can eat a whole box of donuts by herself) I don’t know what donuts have but they look so adorable I just want to hug them! Plus if we add balloons, cake and some other decorations on the side oh boy! 

Since I am donuts obsessed, here are some Donut Birthday Party Ideas For you!

Donut Grow Up Birthday Party Decorations

This Donut Grow Up party theme is literally what every mom screams to their kids! Stop! Stop right there, stop growing I want you this small for life, so why not make a birthday party theme about this right? This backdrop never gets old I feel I mention it often but hey, I like to “recycle” I sometimes end up using the same stuff over and over but I manage to decorate differently so to me it feels new. Backdrop stand with white sheer curtains on the back so we can hang a balloon garland adding a few confetti balloons will look like sprinkles and give it that extra touch place donut balloons on top another way will be to fill your donut balloons with helium and attached tissue garland.

This one you can get creative placing a white square table and wrapping around a plastic sprinkle donut tablecloth or gift paper to cover from top to bottom, an awesome idea for placing donuts will be Wooden donut stand or donut wall holder next to your cake. 


DIY Donut Birthday Theme 

This one an easy DIY donut party decorations that fits your wallet, place a backdrop stand or hang sheer curtains against the wall and hang some donut pool floats across (who would of thought, no need for a pool party to use this adorable pool floaties for decorations) placing a white table will give it a nice clean look for displaying your cake and desserts.

Having cake stands of different colors your dessert will stand out, you don’t even have to have a fancy cake a nice simple or naked cake with a cake topper and some donuts at the top. On the sides, you can add the classic glass milk bottles with straws and donuts, a few cupcakes or macaroons and feel free to display plates and napkins on the same table for a more relaxed/ welcoming decor last but not least hang a tissue paper garland on the table for a more party vibe along with some balloons or Chinese paper lanterns to finish the look. 

Pumpkin Donuts 

Something that I use for multiple occasions is my bar cart! It’s so versatile it goes with everything and it fits just the right amount of dessert and decorations I need. Pumpkin season is my favorite! fall, in general, is my type of weather I don’t maybe because I live in a dessert and those hot summer months are just beyond of what I can handle but going back to my ride or die, I recommend having a bar cart it always comes handy all year round. For this look we will of course display pretty pumpkins along with some pretty fall flowers at the bottom of the cart so they can stand out without being overwhelming, placing most of your desserts and cakes to the top of the bar cart will make it more accessible for your guests and more of a relaxed display lets not forget about blowing some donuts balloons to complete the look and framing a donut printable. 

Donut Birthday Cake

A simple yet fantastic donut cake with dripped sprinkles and of course donuts on the top will make the perfect cake to blow the candles, placing paper donuts plates and napkins will give it a more girly vibe to the table. 

Donuts Birthday Desserts Ideas 

Placing a few glass jars with sprinkle donuts holes as editable table centerpieces it doesn’t get better than that! An easy budget-friendly yummy dessert will be vanilla Oreos dipped in pink chocolate with sprinkles. 

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