Best Panda Birthday Party Ideas

Panda Party Decorations 

Panda party decorations for boys, this a classic black and white theme with a touch of blue. Great last minute diy birthday you can simply make a balloon garland attached to a white wall or hang white curtains using a photo stand backdrop or making your own pvc pipe stand. You can attach a panda printable photo along with diy triangle banner, now add some white stools and tables to display your cake and desserts of your choice another option will be adding some oreo cookies (because c’mon who doesn’t love oreo) with milk glass bottles and than just add some plush panda bears, framing panda printables if you have a bamboo i will totally throw it in there if not some flowers! Well there you have it, nice, cute & simple. Let me know if you found this idea inspiring for your next panda theme party on the comments below. 

Here are the things I recommend for this panda theme decorations.

Electric Balloon Pump

White Balloons

Black Balloons

Blue Balloons

Acrylic Double Sided Frames

Reusable Glass Milk Bottles With Straws

Round Cake Stand

12 Pack Mini Panda Stuffed Animals

Homemade Panda Cake Topper Decoration

Backdrop Stand

Sheer Curtains

Table Decoration

The cutest idea for setting up your table for your next panda party. I love decorating an outdoor sitting table for our guests I feel it gives such a welcoming vibe to our party. Here are some ideas for table decor first, you need a white table cloth because nothing ruins a pretty table than having a plastic tablecloth! aha… I know you will agree with me. Next, some white and black polka dotz paper placemats and  panda paper plates. I don’t know about you but every time I organize a party I feel the need to always have cute napkins matching my theme! Call me weirdo but I do feel incomplete without them plus aren’t they one of the cutest things to have at a table and very necessary too? So, a must have panda napkins for me… a party isn’t a party without polka dots party hats! Along with some paper cups with cute straws. Last but not least one of my favorite things party balloons! But not your average balloons, wait OMG! Is this real? Panda balloons

White Tablecloth

Pack of 5 Panda Balloons

Party Like a Panda Placemats

Pink Panda Birthday Party Supplies

Panda Birthday Party Supplies Black & White

Panda Party Hats

Panda Sleep Mask Favors

Cute Panda Keychain Favors

Panda Theme Party

Are you into a more relaxed classic black and white panda birthday? Well look no further I have you cover! Check this one out… I’m in my mid 20’s and I want this birthday idea for my next birthday party haha! Siriously having small plush panda bears on baskets with an adopt me sign omg to much cuteness in one little corner but i will get to that in one sec. Now, let me start by the beginning you will need a white desk, console table, dresser or anything that you have around your house adding some greenery leaves on top for pop of color, black and white  stands to display cake, desserts and candy. Bamboo baskets to display all panda bears along with a box sign “adopt me” & just to make it extra cute adding panda cards certificates with name and birthday date to remember this event. Lastly hanging some black and white tissue or plastic tassels on your display table and attached a panda balloon garland to the wall.

Girls Panda Party

Girls panda birthday idea easy and low budget, here is a girly girl panda decorations party that will forsure be a hit. I love this idea with the wood pallets on the back let’s not get intimidated if your not very hands on tools kinda thing first, go to your closest store where they have heavy merchandise & ask if they have a few wood pallets on the side they will almost always have and  give them for free if you ask nicely or I’ve seen people on facebook marketplace selling them for $3-$5 each which I still think they are a fair price and most of the time if they sell them is because they are in great condition, for this panda theme we only need four pallets recline to the wall or use a hammer and nails to secure all for pallets together just make sure kids are not running around the pallets. I love the combination of this balloon garland pink,white and black! Attached the garland using curling ribbon and secure with nails on wood. Using a panda poster and hearts garland right on the middle of the pallets. This is the part where you get to be creative and use something different than a traditional table for the cake. In this case using a barrel how cool is that! Maybe you have something similar hanging around in your backyard, attaching a panda face sticker on or if your more of an artist feel free to draw it & this is where your cake will be display. Right next to it place a glass table for your desserts or candies I would keep it simple with some classic snacks like; chips, juice, cookies and cupcakes. Placing a Panda cardboard on the bottom right adds an extra touch to this cute setup along with some flowers & panda bear on the other side using a small white table

Panda Party Dessert Table Idea

How to create an easy panda theme dessert table on a budget. I know it looks overwhelming we think it takes a fortune to create a pretty dessert table but let me tell you its all in the small details! How? Well, first we make all things look pretty “decorating” all you need is cute printables, cardstocks, banners, picks, cupcake holders all related to whatever theme your doing in this case everything panda! Let’s start off by our most basic but also the most important one, the table with a tablecloth choose the best corner in your backyard or in the living room meaning don’t do it behind your couch, or where we will see your kitchen sink you get my point  right? Yay! Keep in mind you don’t need fancy dessert to make it look pretty I will show you some ideas using basic dessert. I like to display drinks like water, juice, gatorade etc now all you need is some panda theme water labels to wrap around your drink. Store bought donuts is a great way to add dessert to your table use a black plate and insert your donuts on paper straws and just tape a panda cardstock printable like shown on the picture. A way to make store bought cupcakes look more presentable is by getting cupcakes wrappers and theme panda picks. We can add some panda popcorn boxes adding some candy or fruit to it there are endless possibilities of snacks you can add. Last but not least just hang a banner around the table, add posters on top or sides with some cute panda designs, frame printables add greenery on the back for a pop of color and there you have it! A cute setup let me know what you think in the comment section below.   

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