Pumpkin Patch Birthday Party Ideas

Fall is officially here this means pumpkin season! I don’t know about you but my daughter and I want to go to a pumpkin patch every day for 31 days straight yes, I just might be a little obsessed with pumpkins! So why not if you’re lucky to have a birthday in October throw a pumpkin patch birthday party… Here are some ideas for a cute Pumpkin Birthday Party for girls.


Pumpkin Cake

If you’re obsessed like me with pumpkins than consider having a pumpkin birthday cake! I’ve talked many times about cake toppers but it’s seriously one of the best ways to upgrade a simple cake to a gorgeous cake so be generous on placing quite a few cake toppers to spice it up. Place fall flowers, small pumpkins and pine cones next to your cake.


Pumpkin Birthday Decorations 

If you’re looking for a different birthday setup rather than the traditional table than use Hay bales, place 3 two at the bottom and one on top and decorate with of course pumpkins mix it up with some white and orange real pumpkins and also some pink plastic pumpkins or other colors of your choice, banners, scarecrow and consider making a board saying “welcome to my birthday pumpkin patch” this will also be a great photo booth for taking pictures. Finish it up by placing a bar cart on the side to place your cake and desserts filling the rest of the space with flowers and more pumpkins. 

pumpkin patch farm ideas

Pumpkin Centerpiece 

A nice simple budget-friendly centerpiece is placing a small hay bales in each table then add one decorative pumpkin, use acrylic paint to add designs and glitter finish it off with fresh flowers in a glass jar and a burlap runner. 

Pumpkin Birthday Backdrop 

An easy backdrop for this pumpkin birthday theme is placing wood pallets against the wall, you can get them online (local pickup) as low as $3 each or go to your nearest store where they carry heavy merchandise and they sometimes are willing to give a few pallets for free. You have the option of painting them or leaving them natural wood, add greenery, banners or a happy birthday balloon letters for decor. 

Pumpkin Birthday Party Desserts 

Desserts are the heart of the party I know sometimes we just don’t have the budget to buy “fancy” desserts but we can always decorate store-bought desserts for a low cost. Pretzel twist is the cutest little snack! just dip half of the pretzel with orange melted chocolate to give it a costume look. Who doesn’t love chocolate covered strawberries? This one is a must in my dessert table every year, you can dip them in white chocolate and make stripes across with melted orange chocolate. We can’t forget about the classic but goodie cupcakes if you don’t have the time to bake buy them at your nearest grocery store & just buy pumpkins cupcake toppers to decorate. Classic vegetable dipping, buy a small pumpkin cut the top part in a circle take the seeds out and put ranch inside and then cut sticks of carrots and salary or any other vegetables of your choice. 

Pumpkin Birthday Activities  

A great activity for kids for a pumpkin patch birthday party will be pumpkin painting / decorating, I will suggest buying plastic pumpkins this will be easier and not heavy for kids, have them decorate the pumpkin with kids non-toxic paint, add glitters, stickers, pom poms, etc for extra fun. 

Have everyone bring a pumpkin to carve all together, you can provide the carving kits make sure to place newspapers and a plastic tablecloth on top of the table because it can get a little messy but its all worth it this is such a fun fall activity for everyone. 


Pumpkin Birthday Games

Pumpkin ring toss this is an inexpensive fall game fun for little ones and grown-ups, buy a pumpkin with a long stem along with plastic rings, give each player at least 3 rings stand a couple feet away from the pumpkin and the goal will be to toss all 3 rings into the pumpkin stem so whoever achieves the most is the winner. 

Pantyhose bowling is definitely one of my favorite games of all times place three to five plastic cups upside down on the floor put small plastic pumpkins on top of each cup, all participates must have one pair of pantyhose and place a tennis ball inside player must put the open side of the pantyhose on their head using only your head try to knock down the plastic pumpkin on top only without knocking down the cup if it gets knocked over they have to pick it up and try again whoever completes the goal first is the winner.   

Pumpkin Birthday Outfit

Is there anything else more adorable than a tutu skirt? Every year no matter what theme I do for my daughters birthday party I always end up buying a tutu dress or skirt It just makes her feel extra special on her day since this isn’t a “normal” day to day clothes, for this fall theme party getting a pumpkin t-shirt with an orange tutu will be the perfect little outfit for your little pumpkin.

Here are some items I recommend for a Pumpkin Patch Birthday Party

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