Thanksgiving Party Ideas

Thanksgiving is one of the most popular holidays to spend time with family! Everyone gathers to have a meal together to give thanks for everything in their life’s and if this year your hosting the famous Thanksgiving Dinner than I have you covered on a few ideas on how to organize & decorate. 

Send out invitations to family and close friends and kindly ask for them to confirm if they are going to attend this way you will have a better count of guests attending your Thanksgiving dinner so you can prepare food and drinks to accommodate everyone.

Preparing your dinner one day before or at least as much as possible, such as marinating, dressings, chopping vegetables, etc will help you relieve the pressure on the day of the event.

Set up your table in advance, placing plates, utensils, and cups for each guest this will make them feel more welcome and it will look more presentable than having an empty table.


Thanksgiving Party Decoration

Who doesn’t love to decorate for the holidays right? If your one of mines you know it starts early! As soon as the holiday month starts I put up all the decorations.

I love having holiday vibes in our home it just makes it feel more homey, but this doesn’t mean we have to break the bank to decorate our house, just by placing a couple of pumpkins, fall flowers and straw bales on your front door this will make it feel welcoming and festive.

Indoor decor can easily be switch from Halloween to thanksgiving, if you have a chimney this is a great place to start if you don’t want to spend a lot of money decorating the “whole house” hang a “Happy Thanksgiving” banner across the chimney and place battery lanterns and of course the most famous and spectacular pumpkins! Some people like setting up the Christmas tree for Thanksgiving but if you preferred waiting till December here’s a different idea, last year I saw an artificial fall tree with lights! I know I’m probably late on this one but I was so amazed by how beautiful it looked and how it gave such a cozy and homey vibe I’m hoping I can buy one soon for my home:) and maybe putting some cute DIY “Give Thanks” decor underneath. Another idea I always like doing and it’s budget-friendly is hanging a garland fall leaves all around the inside of my front door, I just think it feels welcoming and pretty to look at once we’re hanging out in the living room


Thanksgiving Table Decor 

As I mentioned above having your table set up at least one day before will save time and this will give you the opportunity to focus on cooking Thanksgiving dinner the day of the event.

I always suggest decorating/setup day/s before and if you are missing something you have the chance to go and buy it instead of having that pressure on that day most likely you won’t have time to drive to the store last minute.

The most simple but pretty thanksgiving table setup it having a runner with a few pumpkins, candles fresh flowers in clear glass vase or artificial fall flowers if you want to be a little extra add fall garlands all throughout the table! Decorative charger plates will add elegance to your table, place a dinner plate and salad plate along with utensils, napkins and wine glasses. 


Thanksgiving Food

We know that hosting a dinner for a big group of people can be a little overwhelming but if you don’t want to be running around trying to accommodate all your guests have a designated area where you’re able to put all food, sides, and dessert so everyone can help themselves.

Put a bar cart next to it and place all the drinks, you can even decorate with a few pumpkins flowers and garlands. Take the time to organize ahead so when the day comes your able to enjoy as well! Being a host doesn’t mean doing it all by yourself, feel free to ask for help to a family member or friend most likely someone will be more than happy to be the co-host!


Here  are some items I recommend for Thanksgiving

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